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2016-12-06Teacher's voice and Student's voice

Teacher's voice and Student's voice

2018-06-15Swimming gala


2018-06-01培正數學邀請賽 held on 3/2


2018-06-01香島中學T字之謎 held on 10/3


2018-06-0110th Rummikub WRC 10 ISRAEL held on 19/5


2018-05-25School Choir Practice Timetable of June and July 2018

2018-05-25Community Youth Club Outstanding Student Award


2018-05-2526th Sports Day

2018-05-24Good news! School Chinese Ensemble won GOLD Prize in the Joint School Music Competition 2018

2018-05-23Congratulations to 5M Jessica Ip on getting 2 pieces of work published in the Young Post.

2018-05-235A Michael Kwok shared his views with the Young Post and got 4 pieces of work published.

2018-05-23Congratulations! 5S Matthew Lin had 5 pieces of his work published in the SCMP and Young Post.

2018-05-21Tai Po Good Student Award Prize Presentation Ceremony

2018-05-1910th Rummikub WRC 10 ISRAEL

Participants Awards
2A (28) Wong Lok Ki (Eddie) Certificate of participation
2T (15) Chui Tung Wai (Oscar) Entre to 2nd round
3A (18) Lee Ka Hei (Kevin) Certificate of participation
4M (15) Wun Tsz Yee Certificate of participation
4M (27) Leung Ming Hong Certificate of participation

2018-05-17Tai Po Good Student Award Prize Presentation Ceremony

2018-05-17Food Science Final Assessment

2018-05-17Harvard Book Prize 2018

2018-05-11UNICEF Joint-school Young Envoy Programme 2018 Activity Day


Participants Awards
2A (27) Wong Ho Chit (Crux) 銅獎
2R (12) Chui Ho Yuen (Tony) 銅獎
2R (26) Sin Sui Lam (Nicholas) 銅獎
2T (15) Chui Tung Wai (Oscar) 銅獎
2R (13) Chung Chin Pang  銅獎

2018-05-03'Plastic and You'

Organised by Rotary Club of Tai Po

2018-04-30Global Learning Showcase


2018-04-30Janitors' Day 2017-18

2018-04-26Sports Day 2018

16th & 17th May 2018

2018-04-24School Choir Practice Timetable of May 2018

2018-04-24Formative Instructional Practice (FIP) Workshop led by Barbara Cockroft


2018-04-21Stat Project Competition Interview

Participants Awards
2R (12) Chui Ho Yuen (Tony) Participated
2R (26) Sin Sui Lam (Nicholas) Participated

2018-04-17Our S2 Culinary Stars are now on 第「綠」頻道 Green Channel



Participants Awards
1S (23) Lu Ka Yu (Jacob) Participated
1S (26) Wong Hin Chit (Jed) Participated
2A (17) Chan Tsz Hin (Nelson) Participated
2R (12) Chui Ho Yuen (Tony) 二等獎 (2nd Class Award)
2T (15) Chui Tung Wai (Oscar) 三等獎 (3rd Class Award)
3M (20) Lam Man To (Issac) 三等獎 (3rd Class Award)
3A (18) Lee Ka Hei (Kevin) Participated

2018-04-132017/2018 ESD Learning Programme

UNESCO Hong Kong Association

2018-04-10School Choir got Gold Award (First Prize) in the Joint School Music Competition 2018 - School Choir (Secondary/Junior)


2018-04-09Joint School Music Competition 2018 - School Band


2018-04-09Joint School Music Camp and Concert 2018


2018-04-06Congratulations! 5S Matthew Lin has got three pieces of work published in the SCMP and Young Post.


2018-04-06What invention has changed the world? See what 5A Michael Kwok shared with the Young Post.


2018-03-31S3 Subject-Selection-Preparation Week 2018


2018-03-31S5 Careers Week 2018


2018-03-22School Choir Practice Timetable of April 2018

2016-04-07Every Dream Begins Somewhere: Words from the Careers Mistress

Every Dream Begins Somewhere: Words from the Careers Mistress

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