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Teacher's voice and Student's voice
Date : 2016-12-06 (週二)
Activity Category : Events
Teacher's voice and Student's voice

25, a magical number, a quarter of a century.
I started serving at Law Ting Pong Secondary School when I was 25. 
I still remember my first year working here. I was the only Visual Arts teachers. 21 lessons, 17 classes, full of joy and laughter.
And now we have 2 Visual Arts teachers; my former student becomes my subject partner. Welcome home Ms. Yeung.
As one of the teacher-in-charge of the 25th Anniversary, we are happy to say there are a number of events celebrating our 25 years of success. it includes the University Fair in November, Alumni Dinner in Feb, Musical in July and other school functions with the 25th anniversary theme.
2016 is definitely a milestone of our school, from a good school to a great school. Happy 25th Anniversary!
Mr. Siu Kam Kuen

A few weeks ago, our school held its annual Speech Day. As one of the representatives of the school leaders, I was invited onstage to take part in the opening ceremony of Law Ting Pong Secondary School's 25th Anniversary along with our special guests. I'm so glad that the host asked me to be part of such an honor. Actually, I'm just a Form 5 student, which means I haven't yet felt the pressure of the whole DSE examination process or the pride of graduating. However, I did have a chance to feel a part of their experience. I could feel they are proud of being a graduate. 
Their actions and smiles made me feel that what I've done for my future will show on my face one day. Whether it will be a big smile or an expressionless face, it really depends on me. Speech Day gave me the motivation to work harder for my future.
Likewise, whether teachers or friends, it's not easy to get to know each other. We can not decide who we will meet in our life, but what we can do is treasure and enjoy the time we spend with each other. We might not meet each other again after our school life, but school gives us the best reason to gather together. No matter what our academic pursuits or relationships are, these are the important elements that can make our school life better. One day when you look back, you will realize that these are some of the factors that keep motivating you away from giving up on yourself.
Scarlet Tong
Head Prefect


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