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5 students received the Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund!

Category : General Date : 2017-02-13 (週一)
Nature : External

We are delighted to announce the following are the students who received the Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund:

S. 2M Wu Sin Yu (胡倩瑜)

S. 3M Kwok Man Him (郭民謙)

S. 4M Kwong Fai Yam (鄺徽音)

S. 5S Mok Hiu Chun (莫曉俊)

S.6S Tsang Man Ki (曾蔓淇)

The objective of the Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund is to award young students who have demonstrated individual determination to succeed and academic excellence by the provision of grants to enable them to participate in healthy educational and recreational activities.

Congratulations. The school would like to take this opportunity to felicitate thesefive students on their notable achievement. We hope that the way ahead of these students is even brighter with this educational fund being the foundation of their future success.

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