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Have a Snack
Date : 2018-07-06 (週五)
Activity Category : Events

Hong Kong students love snacks. We all know that but how much do they know about the food they eat at school? And what changes can we make if there are healthier options other than fish balls, chips, cup noodles and coke? Eleven of our students from S1 to S3 took the initiative to find out the answers. Last Saturday and Sunday, they held a booth called Snack Attack in the Good Food Market at the School of Everyday Life. On their table there were 6 beautiful snacks catching everyone’s eyes. Purple Snowballs, Mango Couscous, Potato Tarts, Potato Salad, Garlic Broccoli and Rainbow Corns were all freshly made by our students in the early morning. They asked their visitors to guess at least 4 ingredients they used to make the snacks. Everyone in the game was having a great time. They loved the snacks and strongly agreed to the students that tuck shops should replace their processed food with their yummy easy wholesome nibbles. Let’s see what our students think.


“I felt very shy to talk to people at first but I did it after my teacher told me to try. Many people said our snacks are delicious and much healthier than the ones their children eat at school.” - Darren


”Making money is not the point of joining this event. People paid more attention to us when we were selling an idea instead of a product. I feel happy when they are willing to listen to me.” - Holly.


”Holding a booth needs a good plan and plenty of preparation. I am tired now but I enjoyed working with my team. They made my day.“ - Jessie


“Children usually don’t eat vegetables so when I saw a little child get excited with our food because it looked colourful, she made me smile.” - Sahaj.


“Sharing ideas with the public is more rewarding than making them buy a product. They were impressed with our food. Most of them understood why we were in the market promoting healthy school snacks.” - Lewis


Bravo! We are proud of our Snack Attack team.


Last but not least, on the same weekend in the same venue, two lovely S1 girls Heidi and Rosanna from our school entered the Vegan Cooking Competition also organized by the School of Everyday Life. They won the title “Good Food Ambassadors” with a winter melon salad which earned great feedback from the judges. Congratulations everyone!

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