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Letters to Parents (School Circulars)
Letters to Parents (School Circulars)
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Publish DateTitleCategory
2017-09-21S.1 to S.3 Parents Evening – 29th September 2017General
2017-09-21LTPSS Spanish Week Events and Open ClassesGeneral
2017-09-21Purchase of S4 Biology TextbookGeneral
2017-09-21Purchase of S3 Biology TextbookGeneral
2017-09-18Parent-School NetworkGeneral
2017-09-14School Choir Membership 2017 – 18General
2017-09-142017 – 2018 House Annual General MeetingGeneral
2017-09-14Inter School Volleyball CompetitionsGeneral
2017-09-14Timetable for School Band Training 2017/2018General
2017-09-14Timetable for School Chinese Ensemble Training 2017/2018General
2017-09-14S6 Mathematics - Extra LessonsGeneral
2017-09-11The Annual General Meeting of LTPSS Parent-Teacher Association (2017-2018)General
2017-09-11S5 Literature in English Set TextsGeneral
2017-09-08Form 4 Creative Arts StudiesGeneral
2017-09-07Girls Volleyball Team Training for 1st TermGeneral
2017-09-07Boys Volleyball Team Training for 1st TermGeneral
2017-09-07Badminton Team Training for 1st TermGeneral
2017-09-07Swimming Team Recruitment 2017 - 2018General
2017-09-07Swimming Lesson – S.1R and S.1T (Boys)General
2017-09-07Swimming Lesson – S.1S, S.1M and S. 1A (Boys)General
2017-09-07InnoTech Seminar & STEM EducationGeneral
2017-09-07English Folders for S.3-4 StudentsGeneral
2017-09-07English Folders for S.1-2 StudentsGeneral
2017-09-07S5 Biology Field TripGeneral
2017-09-05Law Ting Pong Nursing Cadet Division – Training in SeptemberGeneral
2017-09-01Learning Trip to ScotlandGeneral
2017-09-01Arrangement of Instrumental Classes 2017/18General
2017-09-01Back to School Notice for ParentsGeneral
2017-09-01Parent Circular re Reprint of reports cards for 2M and 2RTGeneral
2017-09-01Saturday Morning S6 Practice ExaminationsGeneral
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