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Letters to Parents (School Circulars)
Letters to Parents (School Circulars)
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Publish DateTitleCategory
2018-09-14S.1 to S.3 Curriculum Night – 28th September 2018General
2018-09-14Arrangement for the Latest Development of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (2M)General
2018-09-13School Choir Membership 2018–19General
2018-09-13Swimming Team Recruitment 2018-19General
2018-09-132018-2019 House Annual General MeetingGeneral
2018-09-13S.4 and S.5 Wednesday after school Spanish lessonsGeneral
2018-09-13Student Support Program (SSP) for NCS Students in the 2018/19 School YearGeneral
2018-09-13S1 Mathematics after school enhancement programGeneral
2018-09-13Purchase of S3 Biology TextbookGeneral
2018-09-13Purchase of S4 Biology TextbookGeneral
2018-09-13Purchase of CalculatorsGeneral
2018-09-13Introduction of ePayment SystemGeneral
2018-09-13The Annual General Meeting of LTPSS Parent-Teacher Association (2018-2019)General
2018-09-11“Electrifying Classics (e-Orchestra) Music Creation and Performance in Practice Project”General
2018-09-11S4 Creative Arts Program 2018 – 19 – Module SelectionGeneral
2018-09-10S.6 Preparation for the 2019 DSE ExaminationGeneral
2018-09-06Purchase of 《12文言經典備試通(第二版)》General
2018-09-06Invitation for the Nomination of Parent Executive Committee Members in the LTPSS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)General
2018-09-062018-2019 House Committee MeetingsGeneral
2018-09-06Football Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06Basketball Team Training (Girls)General
2018-09-06Basketball Team Training (Boys)General
2018-09-06Law Ting Pong Nursing Cadet Division Inter-divisional Competition 2018 NoticeGeneral
2018-09-06Law Ting Pong Nursing Cadet Division – Training in SeptemberGeneral
2018-09-06Table Tennis Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06Badminton Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06Swimming Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06Boys Volleyball Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06Girls Volleyball Team TrainingGeneral
2018-09-06PE Swimming Lesson – S.1R and S.1T (Boys)General
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