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5 students of our school were awarded the Scholarship!

Category : General Date : 2016-12-22 (週四)
Host : Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund
Nature : External

The school is pleased to make an announcement that five students of our school have been selected by the Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund to receive the Fujian Scholarship.

The recipients were as follows:

S.2M Sherry Wu

S.3M Kwok Man Him

S.4M Kwong Fai Yam

S.5S Mok Hiu Chun

S.6S Shilly Tsang Man Ki

The objectives of establishing the Fujian Scholarship are to recognize the full-time students who have achieved good academic performance and help these students to fulfill their dreams with financial support.  The award appropriately reflects the endless hours students have spent facing adversity and tough time with courage and perseverance.

We wish them unlimited success in the future.


Newspaper Report from Ta Kung Pao :

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