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2016-12-06Teacher's voice and Student's voice

Teacher's voice and Student's voice

2017-11-16S6 Career Workshop

Action! Career Engagement

2017-11-16Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice Workshop for School Prefects


2017-11-15PTA booth in Information day


2017-11-15What is your biggest fear? Dogs, rats or the HKDSE? See what 5S Matthew Lin shared with the Young Post.


2017-10-30Should Hongkongers extend a warm welcome to mainlanders? Let's see what 5A Michael Kwok shared with the SCMP.


2017-10-27F.6 Mock Release


2017-10-27Book Week Dress Up Day


2017-10-27School Choir Practice Timetable of November 2017


2017-10-27SA Election Result


2017-10-26Guests from Messel Pit Geopark Visit


2017-10-25Story Pilot

Visit Tai Po Methodist School

2017-10-25PTA Home-School Picnic

Enjoy Family Bowling in Tsuen Wan, Visit Koon Wah Food & Preserved Fruit Fty. Ltd., Visit Yuen Long Farm and BBQ Lunch at the farm

2017-10-24Congratulations to Jenny Law 5M for getting onto Sing Tao

(App Designed for Enhancing Individual's Resilience)

2017-10-24Celebration of Learning Achievements in Summer 2017


2017-10-23What can the government do to stop the elderly from fighting over scraps of cardboard? See what 5M Tammy Mok shared with the Young Post.


2017-10-12Should fathers get the same amount of parental leave as mothers? See what 5S Matthew Lin shared with the Young Post.


2017-10-08PTA Spanish Cooking Class


2017-10-06Spanish Week


2017-09-29PTA AGM and Junior Parents Evening


2017-09-29Commencement of Instrumental Class 2017-18

Start from 30th September, 2017 (Sat)

2017-09-28Visit of James Gillespie's High School

(25th to 27th September)

2017-09-25Should we double the price of gas to force people to think twice before driving? Please read 5A Michael Kwok's response to the Young Post.


2017-09-15Cross-Curricular Activities (CCA) Club List 2017-18

Please click to view the document:

CCA Club List  ;  Instruction for CCA enrolment

2017-09-13School Choir Practice Timetable of September 2017


2017-09-06S6 JUPAS Talk


2017-09-05Opening Ceremony


2017-08-31Class list of school year 2017-18

Class list of  S1  ,  S2  ,  S3  ,  S4  ,  S5  ,  S6

Homeroom Allocation

2017-08-31S1 Orientation Week Highlights

29/08/2017 - 31/08/2017

2017-08-28S1 English Summer Camp

23/8/2017 - 28/8/2017

2017-08-22Closing Ceremony


2017-08-2225th Anniversary Musical


2016-04-07Every Dream Begins Somewhere: Words from the Careers Mistress

Every Dream Begins Somewhere: Words from the Careers Mistress

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